Selection Process

OlegThe goal of the franchisee selection process is to create long-term franchise relationships that will benefit both the franchisee and Attibassi. The selection process begins with the sharing of information. The applicant completes a detailed application form, and then takes part in a series of interviews, during which time you develop a business plan for discussion. Attibassi gives the applicant a chance to evaluate our operational systems and give Attibassi a chance to evaluate the applicant’s aptitude for the coffee shop environment. Final stages of the selection process may include training for either the applicant or the applicant’s key operations manager. At any point during the selection process, either party may decide that the process should not continue. 

Listed below are the steps for the selection process, feel free to contact the Attibassi Franchising division for the regulations and availabilities in your territory or for a better understanding of the steps involved.

The Franchise Process


Concept and Presentation
After you have filled out the Franchising Application Form, an Attibassi representative will schedule a call to discuss your application, and the Attibassi concept, and will be available to answer most general questions, including but not limited too A) the different Attibassi concepts, B) store operations, location, demographics, and C) leasing build-out and start-up costs.


Concept Compatibility Call
Following the initial phone call, and an approved application, we will schedule a first meeting. This meeting will allow you to meet your master franchisee, some members of your support team and an instructor. At this time you will be given financials as well as a Franchise Memorandum which will overview the concept, and have a chance to get to know you to determine if our core values align.


Process and Location
Upon receipt of your completed application, our executive team will carry you through the complete process including the methodology for acquiring your location, as well as implementation of data retrieved from particular locations to financials.


The Franchise Structure
During this meeting you will be explained the franchise structure, operations and management process. Our team will collaborate to deliver a complete overview of all training and support programs. Depending on the level of business expertise, some candidates will be scheduled to attend a start-up workshop.


Legal Agreements
The next step you will receive a copy of the franchise agreement for review.


Agreement execution