barista_1 (1)Attibassi features a wide variety of traditional hot and cold coffee beverages, macchiatos, cappucinos and latte drinks, as well as some of the most spectacular specialty coffees drinks to be served in any coffee shop.  Each of our Italian Espresso drinks are crafted with Attibassi “Crema D’oro,” an extraordinarily balanced blend made from carefully selected coffee beans. Arabica beans from Brazil bring a sweet, rich taste, whilst those from Central America and Ethiopia enrich it with flowery, aromatic notes.  These characteristics are enhanced by skillful, slow, gradual roasting to create a coffee fit for connoisseurs.  Each barista goes through extensive training and education in our coffee and brewing techniques before they are capable to make a hand-crafted coffee drink to the Attibassi standards which makes Attibassi a consumer favorite.

The perfect cup of coffee needs a perfect partner, and delicious snacks can really make your day, therefore everything served at Attibassi coffee shops are of the finest quality.  Our pastries and sandwiches are made with high-quality, simple ingredients. So all the goodness you taste is real food, simply delicious.  each Attibassi location offers a variety of locally-sourced, fresh, and delicious menu of pastries, bakery products, wraps, Paninis and decadent breakfast sandwiches, however you will also find up to a 30% cultural specific additional menu, to satisfy the taste buds of foodies from all over the world.